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Into the wide blue yonder...

Into the wide blue yonder...

My earliest recollections of travel were with my family, within Scotland.  Around the age of 11, we went to the Lake District in England; and when I was 13, I went on a school trip to Scandanavia.  When I was 16, my family migrated to Australia but the tyranny of distance did nothing to deter my desire for travel and from there, I set out on numerous trips, alone, then with my wife, then with my wife and son to various parts of the world.

There are many places I have yet to see and I don’t ever expect to see them all but I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to see what I have seen and experience what I have experienced.

If you’ve read the “About” section of this blog (recently updated), you’ll know that there was a period in my life (specifically from 1974 – 1991) when the only photography I did was travel-related; and even then, it was incidental to the travelling rather than being the purpose behind it. Basically, when I went on holiday, I took photographs; and mainly they were intended as mementos of where I’d been. In that period, I visited Hong Kong (3 times), Japan, The Soviet Union, France (3 more times), The Netherlands, China (a couple of times) and made my first trip to the Philippines; and while I tried to make a good job of the photographs I took, I rarely went out to “shoot” with photography as the primary objective. I was just there; and I took what I saw as best I could.

But in November 2009, that changed somewhat.