05, Petite Apocalypse

Following my Shackles of the Mind series last week, I decided to give everyone, including myself, a break and plan something much lighter for this week.  After giving the matter some thought, I hit on the idea of posting 5 different shots, covering 5 different categories of subject, none of which I’d posted to Flickr before. So I searched my photo-library and found a sunrise, a flower, an architecture shot and I figured that something with wildlife and something in sport (other than tennis) would complete the set. On Friday I went out to shoot some new stuff  and came back with with a dark, brooding, grainy effort which I liked but felt was too sombre for the set I was trying to create. But the more I looked at the first three shots I’d selected and the more I thought about the shot I’d taken that day, I realised that I had a completely different story in my hands: a classic tale of a fall from grace and subsequent redemption; paradise lost and paradise regained.  So, despite my will, this week’s mini-series was born…just a minor apocalypse.

Morning has broken

Trouble in Paradise

Sin City

Sin City

The Reckoning

A new dawn


3 comments on “05, Petite Apocalypse

  1. Wonderful, Keith~ I can really see the concept take form — paradise lost and paradise regained. I enjoy the dark brooding colours and tones, as they add an apocalyptic sense of foreboding to the overall theme of the mini-series! Love it!



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