Not until you say you’re sorry

The term verisimilitude means: the quality of seeming true or of having the appearance of reality

I have chosen this title for my photoblog because I believe that much of what we think we see in the world is simply the illusion of reality. It looks real to us; but we filter and interpret the factual information through the knowledge and experience we have gained in our lives to create a perception that is uniquely ours.

I also believe that photography, perhaps more than any other art form, provides us with opportunities to construct a reality that is part fact and part imagined. It is often said that a photograph never lies; but what might seem honest and sincere and truthful often reveals more truth about ourselves than about the real world it claims to portray.

The banner I have chosen for this page is, I believe, a good example of how we interpret the information we are given. Please take a moment to look at it, and reflect on what you think it is; then click here to see a more inclusive view of the same scene, and see how accurate your original interpretation was.


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